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  1. kuchukuTulip Sep 11, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast
    I am in 5th episode and I like it so far
    Sometimes its as enjoyable as just watching others playing ect so its cool
    and yeh many artists are amazing, they certainly deserve the credit :3
    You're welcome Som-chan ^.^

    I apologize for that Miss... ,___,
    That may happen because I am not as talkative as I was in the past (not that I was talkative person at real but okies)
    I have an FB account where I am bit more active than here but I use it mainly for reading news. You are free to add me if you want~

    Eid Mubarak! :D
    Cool. Lemme know how it was when you finish it. I just finished watching Michiko And Hatchin. It had a very cowboy bebop feel but it was awesome
    Yes it is. :D

    Its okay. :)
    I am sorry but I share my fb account with my sister and I don't really open is very much.

  2. kuchukuTulip Sep 11, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    Yeeeh I started one called "Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu" for now and I have to say its quite interesting :3
    I noticed you have added an Okami wallpaper in your favs.. That was my fav game in PS2 if I remember well. Do you like games?
    Random video of the day --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGP6Y0Pnhe4&index=2&list=PL7qa31ohd-aZRKcyOIzVq_pygtsFBONFj

    PS: Sorries for disappearing again o_o'

    Yes! I have been meaning to watch that for a long time now XD Even downloaded it.
    I love games. But I don't get to play games. I fav-ed it because I liked it. I think that if I like it then the person who made the wallpaper deserves credit. ^^;
    Thanks for sharing that video :D Really liked it.

    It would be nice if you dropped by more often >3>

  3. kuchukuTulip Sep 03, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    I don't remember exactly why, but something felt odd to me. Who knows I may continue it one day.. :D
    Hahah yeeh I liked too! Did you watch through the ending credits(I think) scene with Flash? xDDD

    XD yeah one day.
    Yes! That was the funniest! XD XD XD

  4. kuchukuTulip Aug 31, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    Ahh I just watched the first, because I heard the second was kind of weaker..
    To be honest I was hyped for this series, but I didn't really enjoy it as I thought I would..
    Have you watched Zootopia? ^^
    PS: Sorries for the late reply

    The second series is pretty good. But It is lead by Tsunemori and is not the continuation of Kougami's story.
    Oh why's that? Because of the ending?
    Yup I have. I loved it >w<
    Its okay. No worries. ;)

  5. kuchukuTulip Aug 30, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast
    I am glad to see u here as well :3 *pats your head*
    I watched Boku No Hero Academia recently and finished Psycho Pass after being watching it slow for long time..
    Hmm I am sure there were others as well, but my mind is kinda blocked at the moment so I can't recall -_-'
    No I finished my time in army many years ago lol (2011-2012) D:

    Oh cool, I just finished season 2 of psycho pass. But I liked the 1st one more.
    Oh sorry I didn't know. ^^;

  6. kuchukuTulip Aug 30, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    Yeh I am fine don't worry Som-chan :3
    I was coming on and off as well, downloading wallies and stuff or seeing who was online..
    I started watching anime these late weeks so i thought to pass by MT

    okies :)
    I am so glad you came :D
    So what anime have you been watching lately?
    Are you still in the army?

  7. kuchukuTulip Aug 30, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    Glad to hear your are doing good and I am fine I think.. At least for today xD
    Its pretty sweet that your are still active here as in the old times.
    I think I did leave you a message here some years ago but you never replied so I thought you weren't as active

    Is everything alright? :o
    I wasn't that active, I came on and off, but its been a couple of weeks that I am coming here regularly.
    I am sorry for not replying because I thought you were inactive. >.>

  8. kuchukuTulip Aug 29, 2016

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast
    Ehh hii! I thought I was forgotten already here D:
    It certainly being a long time though so it would be normal...
    How are you doing Miss? :3

    Not really. I love it when old members come back :D
    I am good :D
    How are you? How's life treating you?

  9. kuchukuTulip Aug 29, 2016

    Look Who's here! :D

  10. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2016

    Thanks a lot for the fav! :)

    Innocence by elisadevelon

  11. Makeshift Dec 23, 2015

    Quote by DarkGSSJBeast

    Wow its been so long man hehe ^^'
    I am doing okies I think... Still alive and all
    What about you? How are you doing?

    yeah it's been months bro!

    I see, right now I'm fine thanks for asking
    still active?

  12. ndox900 Dec 01, 2015

    big thank you for the +fav :]

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